Thursday, December 30, 2010

SIngapore Awesome Dinner!!!

Now, I am sitting in a study room located at my uncle's house ( which BTW is in Singapore).
 Oh...W-O-W, the Internet here is at least 12 times faster than the Internet connection at my house!! 
OK OK enough little cousin will be telling you all about the food we ate tonight!

Hello everybody! I am JoJo!

Tonight, I had my dinner with my family at Zhou's Kitchen

The first dish to come out is ....MEAT!

And then, a lady used a gigantic knife and fork to cut the ducky
Which is surfed with some veggies...

Then came my nightmare...vegetable....

Wasabe Mayo Prawn....mmmm


And there comes Jie Jie Rachel's Tofu with seaweed!

Yum yum!!

hoooooo!! MOre food is coming.....

But I better finish this first...
If not the little red ants might take it away!

Hamm!!! ammm!!



Oh wow!!!! Look at our table of F-O-O-D!
Must finish ALL OF THEM!

Come on everybody!! EAT!!!

Daddy: Jojo...drink some water first....

Mango Desert!

Mango desert....


Tau Sa Bia


Fungus Gingkong Almond....desert

Look at E-Zhang eating fungus XD!! picture time!
Emma!! Look at the camera!

C'mon Kiu kiu...
Don't look at me
look at the camera

* Sigh*...everyone don't want to look at camera...I don't want to tke
pictures anymore...
Mummy: JoJo...take picture...
Me: NO... i don't want!
Mummy: Its ok, me and Daddy take picture together and you just sit here...ok?
Me: OK mummy

Cheese Kiukiu..Gin Gin
Say cheese!

Than after that...mummy say we have to go home...
I told Jie Jie I will drive her home..
And JieJie Rachel agreed to let me drive...
I am soo happy...I begin to run to the car park..
But something caught my eyes...
I saw the halo around it....
It is shiny,
its oily,
it is...

                                                      YUM!! Give me some more please!!! mmm....

After that, I drive not only JieJie, but everyone home in emma's big car!!! It was a very bumpy ride!!

Good Night everyone!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday is almost over!

uh hum....
Holiday is almost over and I haven't even touch my books! I bet there's a layer if dust on it!
Oh and what about my holiday homework?! I have to finish them in 6 days! 6!!!
" deep breath in"
( and never let go the breath!!!)

Anyways, if you guys know me personally, I'm a last minute person! I study for my exams 3 days before it, do my homework ...well...I hardly ever have homework!

So this year, I made a "Must-do List"
Check it out!
  • Smile for 1 whole month to get IPhone 3GS from my mum!
  • Stop procrastinating everything
  • get Top 5 for every exam I have ( *headache*!!!)
  • Learn how to play guitar
  • GROW TALLER!!! ( Hopefully will reach 5'3!!!)
  • Vanish my PIMPLES!!
If I am able to finish all this...
I would become the perfect! ( according to my mum)
I would be sporty ( which I am now...I think), I would be smart ( which I am not least not YET)
and I would be a well behaved daughter!
I would also have a skill in my hand, which is playing guitar.
And I would not be short...(5'2 now..T.T) and I would have clear skin like most of the girls in my class)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Cute lil' cousin's visit!! XD

The Cute lil' cousin is non other than...Jojo!! My mum recently brought us to Petrosains at KLCC and let me tell you...that place really exceeded my expectations!! They have this "dark ride" where you sit in a round ball-like car and it'll move around in the dark showing you stuff about earth and oil or something like that...
Then that night, we went to one of my favourite restaurant, ConePizza, to have dinner! Now because this post is mainly about my cute hyperactive lil' cousin...( who, like I mention in the last post, is 3 years old!)
I will only post about 4 or 5 pics of the food from ConePizza...the other pics...well...IS MY COUSIN!

Hmmm...I wonder what mummy ordered for me....

maybe its strawberry soup!

gogo Dylan's Blue Ocean Drink!

Jie Jie Rachel's Iced Blended Chocolate Drink



My favourite cherry tomato!

Woo...look...a hot guy is hugging me!


( poor dog..)

KLCC and Petrosains!

outside KLCC!

Christmas tree!

Bear!bIG bIG Bear!