Saturday, January 8, 2011

Little Piggy!

Here are some random pics when Lil JoJo was here last holiday!!!!

Sily bro wearing sily hat XD

mmmm....shaved should i eat it...

like this?

or like this?

let daddy try first....does it pass daddy?
Is it nice?

Daddy: that's very nice JoJo
JoJo: Woooo it's niceeee!! time to eat!

Is everybody ready yet...I wanna go shopping!

pls!!! Can we go now.... * puppy face*

Hehehe..maybe I can ride on it...

...or not...

but I think I can ride on this one...

and this one...

Yay!! Dinner time!

What are we eating?!!!!

Hugg Jiejie!!!

am i cute everybody?


Let's go for a bike ride

everybody ready?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Music In your ears!

OK, so let me just admit that I am sorta like a facebook accdict...not like those crazy who goes gaga, but the ones who have to at least check it every 2 or 3 days...And today, I came across a post from my friend which is linked to this website...

This website is awesome! It's a place where young people ,who is just starting out in their music career ,post their music and let the world listen. AND it's also a place where people like me...who is hopeless in singing, listen to other people sing...and not just Katy Perry or Lady Gaga everyday. People like me get to listen to wonderful FRESHLY WROTE songs from very talented people. And let me tell you, the quality of the music is just like pros! I seriously recommend you guys to check it out!