Saturday, July 30, 2011

School Drama!

Well, my group usual. Don't know what I'm talking bout'? Well, here's the story.

A month and half ago, teacher gave us an assignment which is to make a drama with the theme 'fairytale' millions of ideas popped into my head. But sadly, only 2 or 3 out of the millions of idea got to be in our play ( which was 'Beauty and the Beast...I was beauty!). Why? Because I am not the group leader this time. Why? Because of....stuf. And along the way, my airhead group leader didn't do anything. And then emerges the fatty who thinks she is the boss but not the leader...bullshit right? Anyway, she did almost everything wrong. I had to give some suggestions ( by that I mean shouting at her) to set things right. But in the end, it all falled apart because she said my idea is useless and went with her own idea. Many times I argue with her...she end up crying with the excuse that is stressed. Bullshit again. I was doing more than she is. I was editing the script that made no sense, painting the props, training the boys...and shopping for supplies. All she do is order people and she said she's stressing out?! How 'hilarious' can she be.... so, when teacher anounced our group lost, i wasn't surpprised...but when teacher announced she was going to be one of the member of the school drama club for her excellent role...WHICH I TAUGHT HER...I was a bit jealous, BUT (again) when she gave no credit or anything for me...I was angry. And thn after THAT, she made a mistake that made me want to punch her in her stomach...she ordered pizza for our group. So you'll probably ask, what's wrong with ordering a pizza? Well, firstly, it is 6 pizza of the SAME FLAVOUR, not 1. And word explains it all, OVERBUDGET!...And all the shopping I did for her...will be 'sponsered' by me...Well, I can't do anything now...everything happen for a reason...and this reason is...HOPEFULLY, better things awaits for me in the future...

  At the end of the day, I left my group and joined my other friends for pizza. And I also managed to take a few pictures!Check em' out..

I'm not in this picture...I was the cameraman...girl...whatever...

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