Sunday, July 10, 2011

Japan Trip: Part 1.

Hi folks! I just came back from a one week Japan trip with my family! Had an awesome time but sadly I have to go back to school tomorrow and try to catch up with classes that I ponteng-ed xD. Anyways, here are the pictures from Japan. I'm going to have to split it in a few parts as there's just too many pictures to share. So stick around to see the others, but for now, enjoy these pictures of the first few days of the trip.

First Day : Universal Studio!
Me & bro in front of THE GLOBE!

Look at the daddy, cool shades!

I luv you ELMO!

And here's our awesome tour guide show us the directions!
He is the one and only BENNY LIM!



Sitting Casually

Hot dogs anyone?

The door won't OPEN!
I can't afford an Audi yet, so this will have to do for now...

Be cool...

And this is the very expensive meal from USJ

And the other expensive meal from USJ

And the most expensive one of cake! With fire crackers xD not candles!

The poor photography of the friendly waitress!

And then, I got tired of walking around...

my bro...

my bro again....*yawns....*


Daddy wondering: where is that roller coaster?!

Right behind us!

Coocky pic of mom

Funny pic of bro which he ordered me to delete....

A pic of daddy sleeping under his shades

Mummy's new sport shoes and my preety flats that is now in the dustbin in Japan due to it's "oh-so-nice" odor.

Man! This stimulation ride is the best evarr!

So thats it for the first day.... wanna know what did the second day?
We went to....

NOT TELLING YOU! xD stick around if you wanna find out!

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