Saturday, July 30, 2011

Part three:!

Egg Yolk Ice cream

Owakudani!..It is the place where many mountains produce the smell of human shit.( It's actually the smell of active sulphur vents). After inhaling shit-like smell, we went to the famous Mount Fuji. At first, it was just a big blah...but thankfully, our awesome bus driver drove us round the corner and got a peek at the mount fuji. It's is humongous and beautiful! Then, we went to stay at a hotel with the smallest bathroom I have ever entered. It was built that way because they want to encourage customers to try out their spa where you have to strip naked and jump into a pool of hot water....WHICH ME AND MY FAMILY DID NOT DO....Oh yeah, mum had king crab for dinner...

Don't worry food lovers, you will get a glimpse at what we had during our entire Japan trip soon. xD


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